Homemade toys: The Mix and Match Game

The mix and match game 1 - The yellow side

This game is so full of possibilities! I  made it as well during the nesting period and The Older One really likes it. He learnt the colours and shades, and the names of the different objects and shapes, and he learnt how to open and close pegs with it.

The mix and match game 2 - The yellow sideI like the fact that we can add new objects with different colours when we want.

The mix and match game 3 - The yellow sideAnd that we can talk about the patterns…

The mix and match game 4 - The yellow side…and the different textures!


The baby is cold

We were dressing up the baby and realised the baby doesn’t have a jacket. So we made one. Reaaaaally quickly.

Sewing jacket for baby 1 The yellow side

We used the baby’s t-shirt to draw the pattern.

Sewing jacket for baby 3 The yellow side

We cut it, chose a fabric and then made some magic with the sewing machine.

Sewing jacket for baby 4 The yellow side

I was told the baby was very happy.

Sewing jacket for baby 5 The yellow side Sewing jacket for baby 6 The yellow side

Let’s hope the baby doesn’t complain about having shorts and no shoes.

(It makes me happy that The Older One knows more or less how the process of making clothes happens. But more than that, it makes happy that he knows that clothes are made by someone, somewhere. They don’t just appear.)

Homemade toys: the sleepy village

Homemade toys the sleepy village 3 The Yellow Side

On the months leading to the birth of the little one, I made some toys and games for the older one. The idea was that the older one could play with them as a special treat when I couldn’t give him all the attention he wanted.

This is one of my favourites: the sleepy village.

Some days they are a big family, some days they have names. Some days they have been playing in the playground and are very tired. Some days they are not tired at all and don’t want to go to sleep.

There is a lot of role-playing and sometimes other toys are brought in to satisfy the needs of the little people (sometimes they sleep better with a pillow. Apparently).

Homemade toys the sleepy village 4 The Yellow Side

It is a matching game, as they all have a bit of fabric the colour of their sleeping bag stuck to their “feet”. The shapes and sizes of the little people are all different and they fit the best in their own sleeping bag.

In the end, all the little people go into their little box and sleep.

Homemade toys the sleepy village 2 The Yellow Side

Homemade toys the sleepy village 1 The Yellow Side