April showers bring May flowers

a mobile for april 1 - The Yellow SideSpring is most definitely here, with some warm sunny days, and some fairly warm rainy days too. So we made this mobile to hang in a doorway, to celebrate the April showers.

a mobile for april 2 - The Yellow SideI gave The Older One three thick bits of paper and grey, yellow and blue tempera paint with sponges.

He sponged away both sides of the paper, and then we let it dry.

a mobile for april 3 - The Yellow SideI then drew a sun on the yellow paper, rain drops on the blue paper and 2 clouds on the grey one and we cut out everything.

a mobile for april 4 - The Yellow SideWe did a little cut in one of the clouds so they could fit together…

a mobile for april 5 - The Yellow Side…connected the rain drops using a thin thread and a needle…a mobile for april 6 - The Yellow Side…et voilá!

a mobile for april 7 - The Yellow Side

I really like the effect of the sponge-painting, and the rain drops move beautifully when we pass by…


Construction site in a cardboard box

Construction site in a cardboard box 1 - The Yellow SideDo you remember this Construction site play dough kit we have been playing with?

Well, the other day I thought it would be fun to play with the diggers in sand. Not real sand, though, but “moon sand” which is an easier version to clean 😉

Construction site in a cardboard box 2 - The Yellow SideI lined a cardboard box with a bin bag, fixed it with a couple of staples, and that was it!

Construction site in a cardboard box 3 - The Yellow SideI would be lying if I would say it is a “no mess” activity. A lot of the sand comes out. The good thing is that toddlers usually love brooms and dustpan, so they can do some of the clean up too.

Construction site in a cardboard box 4 - The Yellow Side

Easter bunny tea light

Easter bunny tea light 1 - The Yellow SideOne more easy craft to do with little ones for the Easter breakfast table!

Easter bunny tea light 2 - The Yellow SideI drew and cut the outline of a bunny on a folded piece of paper.

Easter bunny tea light 3 - The Yellow Side.pngDid a test run with different sized jars.

Easter bunny tea light 4 - The Yellow SideAnd The Older One coloured it in and, most importantly, stuck it on the glass with Sellotape. If you have a toddler you know how that can be the highlight of the day!!

Easter Eggs baskets

Easter Egg baskets 1 - The Yellow SideAfter making some Easter Eggs (that haven’t survived 24hours, so we will be making more before actual Easter!), we needed some baskets for the eggs. The Older One had the company of two other toddlers for this, so I prepared everything in advance, to make things smoother.

Easter Egg baskets 2 - The Yellow SideI used this idea for making the baskets. Our squares are 26×26 cm and the little corners are 5×5 cm.

I chose some colours, and made a sample-basket to show how the baskets were going to be at the end.

Easter Egg baskets 3 - The Yellow Side

These are their baskets, already with the fake-Easter-straw and the eggs inside! Cute aren’t they?

Natural dyed Easter Eggs

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 1 - The Yellow SideEaster is almost there, and this year we have tried making our own colours for the traditional Easter Eggs.

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 2 - The Yellow SideWe used purple cabbage to make purple dye (the eggs turn blue), brown onion skins to turn the eggs a dark rusty orangey colour and carrots to turn them pale orange (total failure, the egg kept on being white).

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 3 - The Yellow SideI wanted to make prints of leaves/flowers while the eggs cooked, so I cut a pair of old tights to keep the leaves and flowers in place and we boiled the eggs inside the bits of tights (with cord on both sides).

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 4 - The Yellow SideMy favourites are the onion ones, don’t they look great? The blue ones didn’t get a very strong colour, I suspect we didn’t leave them long enough in the dye…

I was also planning on making some patterns with the tape, but gave up on the idea as it would be too complicated for the little ones.

Will you dye some Eggs for Easter? Let me know if you would like details of how we did it, didn’t manage to take photos of every step but am happy to share!

Activities inspired by books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 1 - The Yellow SideThis book is so colorful and beautiful, it is easy to be inspired by it. As with other books we have it in three languages: German, Portuguese and English. This meant we could open each book on a different page while we played.

First we did the caterpillar, using PlayMais…

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 2 - The Yellow Side…we painted some of the fruit the caterpillar ate…

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 3 - The Yellow SideThen we made the body of the butterfly and we painted its colourful wings (I helped with the outline of the wings):

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 4 - The Yellow SideThe palette was full of vibrant colours:

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 5 - The Yellow SideThe Very Hungry Catterpillar 6 - The Yellow SideAnd the result was very pretty:

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 7 - The Yellow Side

It was also great fun to talk about the story and laugh about how much the caterpillar ate, and which are our favourite foods.

I am already thinking of which book to choose for our next “Activity inspired by books”! Let me know if you have a wish 😉


Painting paper Easter Eggs

Painting paper Easter eggs 5- The Yellow SideHave you tried making Easter Eggs out of yarn yet?

We have been also painting Easter eggs made out of paper. In a couple of years we will make them at home, but for now I bought them ready for painting.

Painting paper Easter eggs 1- The Yellow SideI bought a block of that glass fibre to make floral arrangements, cut it into 4 smaller blocks and wrapped each block with wrapping paper. It takes some work to explain to the little ones that it is actually not a present and that you can’t open it. But once they get it, all good!

Painting paper Easter eggs 2- The Yellow SideOnce the blocks are wrapped we use long and short cocktail sticks to hold the paper eggs, choose a couple of colours (it is a trick to ensure we don’t end up with brown eggs every time, as little people like to mix colours all the time).

Painting paper Easter eggs 3- The Yellow SideAnd then we paint!

The paint dries quite fast on the paper eggs which is great because it allows for layering and some fun colour effects.

Painting paper Easter eggs 4- The Yellow Side

How easy is that? We have a whole bunch of them!