April showers bring May flowers

a mobile for april 1 - The Yellow SideSpring is most definitely here, with some warm sunny days, and some fairly warm rainy days too. So we made this mobile to hang in a doorway, to celebrate the April showers.

a mobile for april 2 - The Yellow SideI gave The Older One three thick bits of paper and grey, yellow and blue tempera paint with sponges.

He sponged away both sides of the paper, and then we let it dry.

a mobile for april 3 - The Yellow SideI then drew a sun on the yellow paper, rain drops on the blue paper and 2 clouds on the grey one and we cut out everything.

a mobile for april 4 - The Yellow SideWe did a little cut in one of the clouds so they could fit together…

a mobile for april 5 - The Yellow Side…connected the rain drops using a thin thread and a needle…a mobile for april 6 - The Yellow Side…et voilá!

a mobile for april 7 - The Yellow Side

I really like the effect of the sponge-painting, and the rain drops move beautifully when we pass by…


These days…

These days 9 4th AprilWe have been travelling a bit in the last couple of weeks and now the Spring has arrived to Berlin, so I have been busy enjoying the warmth.

Berlin in the Spring is one of my favourite things in the world. Will post about that on another day 🙂

I think a lot about cultural stereotypes and so was not surprised to see that this is one of the biases that can affect (badly) our decisions, if we are not aware. Here is a compact list.

Still on stereotypes, I love this campaing “Turn Ignorance Around“, have you heard of it??

Snacks for a short plane trip

Small snacks for short plane trip 1 - The Yellow SideI prepared this pack in under 10 minutes, while The Younger One was entertained and it is a very easy ready-made travel pack for a short plane trip.

I knew we were going to have breakfast at home and lunch already in our destination, so I didn’t bother with very filling food. Instead, just some things to calm down and reload the body in crucial stages of the trip (queues at the airport, etc).

Small snacks for short plane trip 3 - The Yellow SideI got a little ziplock bag full of small cereal-type snacks, and another one with nuts. Then got some fruit pouches and cereal bars. I don’t usually buy fruit pouches or cereal bars, so this are, for The Older One, real treats.

Small snacks for short plane trip 2 - The Yellow SideFor emergencies I got a little bag of fake-gummy bears (they don’t really have sugar but agave instead, because: who wants a sugared-up 2 year old on a flight?!!). and split them into small wraps (4 each) closed with masking tape.

Small snacks for short plane trip 4 - The Yellow Side

Add a pack of corn crackers (my favourites) and that is it, a little (that is crucial!) bag full of yummy things which don’t put anyone on a sugar rush. On the morning of the flight I ended up adding a couple of apples and pears, and they also didn’t make it to the destination 😉 The dry snacks did, though, and were eaten while on holiday.

Relaxing tourism with a toddler who likes running

Picture1We went for a city break in Barcelona recently and I got a lot of looks and muffled comments when I used a wrist-child-harness with The Older One.

It always annoys me that people judge without knowing anything about the situation. This time though, I was smiling, because they had no idea how much fun we were having walking from Pl. Catalunya till the Casa Batlló.

A lot of children, even if quite adventurous back home, are much quieter when they go to another city/country. Not The Older One. He has the same curiosity and tendency to get distracted with everything. Walking with him is great if we have the time, and if we are not in one of the busiest places of one of the main touristic cities in Europe.

This time it was wonderful to be able to look around when he would point at something, and see things, and chat about them. He dislikes going hand in hand, and he loved the harness because he was allowed to walk a little bit faster or a bit slower than me, and be close to me whilst still taking in the surroundings.

I lived in Barcelona (a long time ago) and have walked that way dozens of times. Still, it was like doing it for the first time. Because the taxis are not pale yellow like in Berlin, and yes you can climb onto the book sculpture but no, the pages of the book don’t have drawings and so on and so on.

The child harness is now on my travel checklist. We called it “linha” in portuguese, which makes me smille because in portuguese “estar na linha” (“stay in the line”) would be used when someone behaves well.

Construction site in a cardboard box

Construction site in a cardboard box 1 - The Yellow SideDo you remember this Construction site play dough kit we have been playing with?

Well, the other day I thought it would be fun to play with the diggers in sand. Not real sand, though, but “moon sand” which is an easier version to clean 😉

Construction site in a cardboard box 2 - The Yellow SideI lined a cardboard box with a bin bag, fixed it with a couple of staples, and that was it!

Construction site in a cardboard box 3 - The Yellow SideI would be lying if I would say it is a “no mess” activity. A lot of the sand comes out. The good thing is that toddlers usually love brooms and dustpan, so they can do some of the clean up too.

Construction site in a cardboard box 4 - The Yellow Side

Surprise bag for a 2 year old – travelling by plane

Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 1 - The Yellow SideSince The Older One was born, we have been in almost 30 flights with him.

Travelling with small babies is easy. They feed, and sleep, and are happy to be in your arms. As they grow, it gets more complicated, they sleep less and want more action.

In our case, we had to start taking stuff to entertain The Older One on the plane when he was around 11/12 months old.

Today I am sharing the pack I made the last time we travelled by plane, and I would say it is great for a 2 and a half to a 3 and a half year old.

I think the key is to have a lot of different things, all packed in individual bags, all small and light and at least some of them only used in certain occasions, to keep the “novelty factor”.

1. Some kind of puzzle
This time we took some of our large Plus Plus pieces.
Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 2 - The Yellow Side
2. A quiet thinking game

I love this bambino Lük system. Do you know it? I never knew it growing up in Portugal. Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 3 - The Yellow Side

3. Colouring pencils, a block for drawing and some stickers Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 4 - The Yellow Side 4. A small magic-wipe board Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 5 - The Yellow Side 5. A sticker book Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 6 - The Yellow Side 6. A little plastic recipient with two colours of play dough. Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 7 - The Yellow Side 7. Some very small books. Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 8 - The Yellow Side 8. Some beads and 3 pieces of elastic band to make “holiday bracelets” for him, mama and papa. Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 9 - The Yellow Side 9. A game to fit the lace in the little holes. Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 10 - The Yellow Side 10. A present. Something (little) he has been asking for… Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 11 - The Yellow Side And that was it!

Best is all fits in a small drawstring bag which we kept under the front seat. Neat right?

We also take quite a lot of snacks… I will make another post on that 😉Travelling by plane with a 2 year old 12 - The Yellow Side

Do you travel with your toddler by plane? Do you take anything to entertain them? Would love to hear about it on the comments!


[This post is not sponsored and it only reflects my opinion.]



Easter bunny tea light

Easter bunny tea light 1 - The Yellow SideOne more easy craft to do with little ones for the Easter breakfast table!

Easter bunny tea light 2 - The Yellow SideI drew and cut the outline of a bunny on a folded piece of paper.

Easter bunny tea light 3 - The Yellow Side.pngDid a test run with different sized jars.

Easter bunny tea light 4 - The Yellow SideAnd The Older One coloured it in and, most importantly, stuck it on the glass with Sellotape. If you have a toddler you know how that can be the highlight of the day!!