What does the music you listen to say about your personality?

Music and personalityHave you heard of the “Musical Universe” quizzes, part of ongoing research at the University of Cambridge?

I only did one so far, on Musical Taste, first answered several questions about my personality and musical tastes, and then listened to short music pieces and decide how much I liked each.They are aiming to link different personality types to different music tastes.

I was given scores for Music Preferences, Personality and Satisfaction with Life. Each score is explained and they give you the overview of how your results fit within the rest of the people who did the test.

Most results were not very surprising, apart from saying that my taste on electronic music is quite low (which is not true), and that my taste for complex music is much much higher than any other, which I am also not sure is true… Still fun!

I am pretty sure I won’t resist doing the other quizzes too…


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