April showers bring May flowers

a mobile for april 1 - The Yellow SideSpring is most definitely here, with some warm sunny days, and some fairly warm rainy days too. So we made this mobile to hang in a doorway, to celebrate the April showers.

a mobile for april 2 - The Yellow SideI gave The Older One three thick bits of paper and grey, yellow and blue tempera paint with sponges.

He sponged away both sides of the paper, and then we let it dry.

a mobile for april 3 - The Yellow SideI then drew a sun on the yellow paper, rain drops on the blue paper and 2 clouds on the grey one and we cut out everything.

a mobile for april 4 - The Yellow SideWe did a little cut in one of the clouds so they could fit together…

a mobile for april 5 - The Yellow Side…connected the rain drops using a thin thread and a needle…a mobile for april 6 - The Yellow Side…et voilá!

a mobile for april 7 - The Yellow Side

I really like the effect of the sponge-painting, and the rain drops move beautifully when we pass by…


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