Snacks for a short plane trip

Small snacks for short plane trip 1 - The Yellow SideI prepared this pack in under 10 minutes, while The Younger One was entertained and it is a very easy ready-made travel pack for a short plane trip.

I knew we were going to have breakfast at home and lunch already in our destination, so I didn’t bother with very filling food. Instead, just some things to calm down and reload the body in crucial stages of the trip (queues at the airport, etc).

Small snacks for short plane trip 3 - The Yellow SideI got a little ziplock bag full of small cereal-type snacks, and another one with nuts. Then got some fruit pouches and cereal bars. I don’t usually buy fruit pouches or cereal bars, so this are, for The Older One, real treats.

Small snacks for short plane trip 2 - The Yellow SideFor emergencies I got a little bag of fake-gummy bears (they don’t really have sugar but agave instead, because: who wants a sugared-up 2 year old on a flight?!!). and split them into small wraps (4 each) closed with masking tape.

Small snacks for short plane trip 4 - The Yellow Side

Add a pack of corn crackers (my favourites) and that is it, a little (that is crucial!) bag full of yummy things which don’t put anyone on a sugar rush. On the morning of the flight I ended up adding a couple of apples and pears, and they also didn’t make it to the destination 😉 The dry snacks did, though, and were eaten while on holiday.


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