Relaxing tourism with a toddler who likes running

Picture1We went for a city break in Barcelona recently and I got a lot of looks and muffled comments when I used a wrist-child-harness with The Older One.

It always annoys me that people judge without knowing anything about the situation. This time though, I was smiling, because they had no idea how much fun we were having walking from Pl. Catalunya till the Casa Batlló.

A lot of children, even if quite adventurous back home, are much quieter when they go to another city/country. Not The Older One. He has the same curiosity and tendency to get distracted with everything. Walking with him is great if we have the time, and if we are not in one of the busiest places of one of the main touristic cities in Europe.

This time it was wonderful to be able to look around when he would point at something, and see things, and chat about them. He dislikes going hand in hand, and he loved the harness because he was allowed to walk a little bit faster or a bit slower than me, and be close to me whilst still taking in the surroundings.

I lived in Barcelona (a long time ago) and have walked that way dozens of times. Still, it was like doing it for the first time. Because the taxis are not pale yellow like in Berlin, and yes you can climb onto the book sculpture but no, the pages of the book don’t have drawings and so on and so on.

The child harness is now on my travel checklist. We called it “linha” in portuguese, which makes me smille because in portuguese “estar na linha” (“stay in the line”) would be used when someone behaves well.


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