Natural dyed Easter Eggs

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 1 - The Yellow SideEaster is almost there, and this year we have tried making our own colours for the traditional Easter Eggs.

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 2 - The Yellow SideWe used purple cabbage to make purple dye (the eggs turn blue), brown onion skins to turn the eggs a dark rusty orangey colour and carrots to turn them pale orange (total failure, the egg kept on being white).

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 3 - The Yellow SideI wanted to make prints of leaves/flowers while the eggs cooked, so I cut a pair of old tights to keep the leaves and flowers in place and we boiled the eggs inside the bits of tights (with cord on both sides).

Natural dyed Easter Eggs 4 - The Yellow SideMy favourites are the onion ones, don’t they look great? The blue ones didn’t get a very strong colour, I suspect we didn’t leave them long enough in the dye…

I was also planning on making some patterns with the tape, but gave up on the idea as it would be too complicated for the little ones.

Will you dye some Eggs for Easter? Let me know if you would like details of how we did it, didn’t manage to take photos of every step but am happy to share!


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