Painting paper Easter Eggs

Painting paper Easter eggs 5- The Yellow SideHave you tried making Easter Eggs out of yarn yet?

We have been also painting Easter eggs made out of paper. In a couple of years we will make them at home, but for now I bought them ready for painting.

Painting paper Easter eggs 1- The Yellow SideI bought a block of that glass fibre to make floral arrangements, cut it into 4 smaller blocks and wrapped each block with wrapping paper. It takes some work to explain to the little ones that it is actually not a present and that you can’t open it. But once they get it, all good!

Painting paper Easter eggs 2- The Yellow SideOnce the blocks are wrapped we use long and short cocktail sticks to hold the paper eggs, choose a couple of colours (it is a trick to ensure we don’t end up with brown eggs every time, as little people like to mix colours all the time).

Painting paper Easter eggs 3- The Yellow SideAnd then we paint!

The paint dries quite fast on the paper eggs which is great because it allows for layering and some fun colour effects.

Painting paper Easter eggs 4- The Yellow Side

How easy is that? We have a whole bunch of them!


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