Construction site play-dough kit

Construction site playdough kit 1 - The Yellow SideIf you live in Berlin, you know how it is always full of road works and little construction sites everywhere. When you don’t have children you find this annoying. But if you have children you probably love these construction sites everywhere: toddlers adore them. I often bribe The Older One to move along the way from Kita (Kindergarten, in german) by letting them know that there is a digger somewhere we can go and see (and then we do!).

The Older One is no exception, so we have been playing with this play-dough kit (do you remember the last kit we made?).

Construction site playdough kit 2 - The Yellow SideConstruction site playdough kit 3 - The Yellow SideThere are no rules, and some days the cork makes roads for the diggers to pass, other days they are the pavement…

Construction site playdough kit 4 - The Yellow Side…even The Younger One loves this kit, as he can play with the diggers!


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