Making Easter Eggs out of yarn

Making yarn Easter eggs  1 - The yellow sideEaster is almost there, so we have being doing some Easter-related activities. This one was a first timer, and we loved it.

We filled in some water balloons…

Making yarn Easter eggs  2 - The yellow side…prepared glue the old-fashioned way, by mixing water and flour.

Making yarn Easter eggs  3 - The yellow sideWe played with the “glue” and we dipped yarn into it.Making yarn Easter eggs  4 - The yellow sideThen we covered the balloons with the yarn…

Making yarn Easter eggs  5 - The yellow side…and left them outside in the sun drying. The Older One thought we were going to put them in the oven (as we were using flour we were most certainly baking something to eat, so oven made sense).

Making yarn Easter eggs  6 - The yellow side

On the following day we popped the balloons, and decorated our Easter branch with the balls of yarn.

Making yarn Easter eggs  7 - The yellow side

We used way too much “glue”, so you can see the dried white bits in the yarn, but we enjoyed doing them so much that to me they look just perfect 🙂



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