Bleeding crepe paper

I have seen so many of bleeding crepe paper projects on pinterest that I had to try it with The Older One. It was very interesting to witness once more how all that matters to him at this stage is the process, and that he couldn’t care less about the final result.

When we paint together I find it challenging because I care about the final result. I am slowly learning to just enjoy and play but it is hard, with my adult-framed mind. This project was fantastic because no matter what/how you do it, the result is so pretty!

This time I got these colours out (here is the inspiration, this blog is superb!):

Bleeding crepe paper 1 - The yellow side

We started by ripping apart the crepe paper and placing it on the white paper. Then we got to paint it with water.

Bleeding crepe paper 2 - The yellow side

That is when things started getting interesting:

Bleeding crepe paper 3 - The yellow side

He started squeezing the crepe paper and soaking it into the water, changing the colour of the water and experimenting with it.

He also used the soaked crepe paper as a brush to paint the white paper.

Bleeding crepe paper 4 - The yellow side

And finally used the red water to paint the white paper with his brush.

The Older One and his little friend were very concentrated playing and experimenting. The mothers, we did our bit too, much more “result-focused”, and look at how pretty our collaborative paintings turned out:

Bleeding crepe paper 5 - The yellow side

Bleeding crepe paper 7 - The yellow side

Bleeding crepe paper 6 - The yellow side

Such an enjoyable activity to do together! Have you ever tried this technique?


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