Sticky shapes

I believe children should play and be silly for as long as they want to. I am not a fan of formal teaching/learning in general (irony as I am a trained teacher!), and particular dislike that small children are taught things such as reading or writing etc.

But part of being a child is being an active and curious being, so I am all for helping them discover things, if they are interested in them. The older has been asking about shapes. The moon is a ball he says, and then there is this book he likes a lot about stars.

So we made this the other day, and he loved it!

Playing with stickers shapes 1 - The yellow side

I had a sheet full of stickers in different shapes and colours.

First we drew shapes in different colours on a blank sheet of paper.

Playing with stickers shapes 2 - The yellow side

And then he started sticking away!

Playing with stickers shapes 3 - The yellow side

He also did some sticking not following the general pattern (purple and orange triangles), although he laughed a lot when he did it, knowing he was breaking his own rules 🙂

We forgot the space for oval shapes so we used them as prompts for drawing.

Playing with stickers shapes 4 - The yellow side

How easy is that?


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