Homemade bread

I am not a Winter person. But as I have been living in Berlin for almost three years, I am getting used to it.

There are a lot of things that people here do in order to enjoy the Winter, and I am learning what works for me.

Baking is a must. And recently I have dared the one field of baking I had never tried: bread.

Bread 1 The yellow side

I tried this recipe called “No-Knead Crusty White Bread”, and it was spot on.

It is very comforting to make, and let it rise in the warmth (“Shall we check if the bread has slept enough?”), and then fridge, and then rise again. And the smell while baking is so cosy!

Bread 2 The yellow side

The best batch came when we left the dough in the fridge for 5 days, we could really taste the sour dough.

Bread 3 The yellow side

I am usually not fond of white bread, and next time I will some changes and use whole wheat flour, but this time I just wanted to follow the recipe and I don’t regret it. It is exactly like they say.

Will you try it?

Bread 4 The yellow side



These days…

These days 3 27th Jan

There is a lot of talk going on about the “Just not sorry” app launched at the end of last year. It sounds so diminishing: helping women to behave more like man in a work context, and that is why I smiled throughout when I read this.

And still on language, I have read this recently and have been thinking about it since. Is small talk that bad? I do enjoy some small talk, some chit-chat.


Homemade toys: the sleepy village

Homemade toys the sleepy village 3 The Yellow Side

On the months leading to the birth of the little one, I made some toys and games for the older one. The idea was that the older one could play with them as a special treat when I couldn’t give him all the attention he wanted.

This is one of my favourites: the sleepy village.

Some days they are a big family, some days they have names. Some days they have been playing in the playground and are very tired. Some days they are not tired at all and don’t want to go to sleep.

There is a lot of role-playing and sometimes other toys are brought in to satisfy the needs of the little people (sometimes they sleep better with a pillow. Apparently).

Homemade toys the sleepy village 4 The Yellow Side

It is a matching game, as they all have a bit of fabric the colour of their sleeping bag stuck to their “feet”. The shapes and sizes of the little people are all different and they fit the best in their own sleeping bag.

In the end, all the little people go into their little box and sleep.

Homemade toys the sleepy village 2 The Yellow Side

Homemade toys the sleepy village 1 The Yellow Side


These days…

These days 2 19th Jan

.This reminds me of the time we had someone unblocking our kitchen pipe. He gave a list of instructions to my husband, on how to avoid future problems, and started by saying “You must tell your wife that she has to use a sieve when washing up, etc etc”.

All parents of small children will cringe when reading this. Unless you are lucky. Very lucky

(Photo credit: Jim DiGritz)

Snow play-dough kit

Snow playdough kit 6Ever since I saw a play dough kit at Mama.Pappa.Bubba I have been obsessed. I adore the organization of the box, the colours, and the invitation to play with everything, or just one bit.

Snow playdough kit 5 - The yellow side

This week as the temperature drops in Berlin (again!), we are playing with this “Snow play dough kit”.

Snow playdough kit 4 - The yellow side Snow playdough kit 3 - The yellow side


You know what is best about just giving out one colour of play dough at a time? You won’t end up with a pile of brown dough after some days. It’s a win-win situation!